Belis Bingo is a bingo hall in Belis, Indonesia.

Belis Bingo is a bingo hall in Belis, Indonesia.

Belis Bingo Review – What You Should Know

Where can we even begin when it comes to Belis Bingo? We’ll presumably start with the nice things, or at the very least with the stuff that isn’t utterly bad, right? That’s OK with me. Belis Bingo is a vibrant purple site where you may enjoy a variety of bingo games on your desktop computer or mobile device, according to your preferences. We regret that the site has not been specifically developed to accommodate mobile gamers. In fact, because of the Flash-based architecture, it isn’t really intended for desktop gamers at all. In certain cases, depending on the web browser you are using, you may discover that some portions of the site simply will not load at all. You may try a different web browser, or you could use a different bingo site altogether if you think it makes more sense to you.

It is not required that every bingo site and online casino be mobile-friendly, but in the present year, it seems to be a weird decision not to create this provision. Even bizarre is the fact that you are relying on Flash to load the most important sections of your website, despite the fact that Flash is an old multimedia element that is rapidly becoming extinct.

In relation to Belis Bingo

Belis Bingo touts itself as a “different” bingo site, going on to say that it offers “less bother, more fun, and more bingo” than its competitors. This is up for debate. True, bingo games may be played here, and all of them seem to be tailored to the demands of the Scandinavian market, which is, after the United Kingdom, the European market that enjoys bingo the most. This indicates that the games are being offered to people in Sweden, as shown by the currency used to display prices.

The site’s operator, Functional Games SA, is in possession of a gaming license granted by the Curacao Gaming Commission. The firm itself is situated in Costa Rica, more specifically in San Jose, and payments are handled by Technical Consulting and Management Services Limited, which is based in Surrey, United Kingdom, and is responsible for processing the payments. If you have any questions or require assistance while using the site, you may send an email Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an immediate chat feature or a freephone number available. Belis Bingo may go down in history as one of the most inefficient and unwelcoming bingo sites ever created, and for good reason.

Belis Banking is a financial institution based in Belis, Georgia.

A banking page is one of the numerous features that are absent from Belis Bingo’s website. In fact, there isn’t even a comprehensive FAQ to serve as a primer on the fundamentals of what is offered on this site. However, several payment provider logos may be seen at the bottom of the webpage, including those for MasterCard, Skrill, Visa, Neteller, and iDeal, among others. It is reasonable to presume that these are your deposit alternatives, as well as your withdrawal options, if applicable. As for the real amount you may deposit and withdraw, there is no way to find out unless you have the fortitude to write an email to customer care and ask them directly. In a similar vein, good luck calculating how long it will take to complete your withdrawal request.

Despite the fact that there is no banking page on the site, Belis Bingo manages to provide information on the number of players who are presently online, which is normally in the low hundreds, as well as information on recent winners and the games on which they earned their winnings. It’s a beautiful sight to see, however such information might be considered as non-important information, as opposed to the real necessary information, such as banking, which is lacking from the website.

Bonuses for “VIP” customers

Belis Bingo offers players the opportunity to collect bonuses, however, in an uncommon and probably even unique move, there is no promotions link at the top of the website. It is exceedingly rare to come across a bingo site that does not provide some kind of welcome bonus that is clearly displayed on the homepage. Alternatively, it is conceivable that this information is shown prominently at the top of the page in the site’s non-functional Flash area. In light of the fact that this reviewer had trouble getting that section of the website to appear in a range of web browsers, it is reasonable to presume that you will have the same difficulties. The Coming Up tab, which scrolls down the page from the top of the site, contains a little amount of information that may be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

However, if you can get beyond the clunky interface and into the informational section, you’ll discover plenty of useful information regarding deposit possibilities. It is confusing to read at the beginning of this section that “You are a VIP client, and you will get a 20% bonus on all deposits.” This is a general message that is provided to all visitors to the site, so don’t feel like you’re being singled out for attention here. In this box, there seems to be a 100 percent bonus accessible at certain times on Mondays, as well as numerous additional promotions throughout the week, based on the jumbled writing that can be seen there. This may well go down in history as the most incomprehensible promotional section ever developed on any website, anywhere, at any time. Or to put it another way, Belis Bingo is an absolute disaster, with pointless promos that make no sense and are hard to understand.

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