Nova Bingo is a bingo hall located in Nova Scotia, United States.

Nova Bingo is a bingo hall located in Nova Scotia, United States.

Review of Nova Bingo

Talk about putting oneself on a pedestal. As soon as you go on to Nova Bingo, you’ll notice boasts that the site would “dazzle the senses” and will provide the “future of bingo.” There is no doubt that the people behind Nova Bingo feel they can have a significant impact on their audience, despite the fact that this is an already very crowded industry that doesn’t need any further competitors for the throne. Nonetheless, it has one, and so we determined that it would be preferable to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Unfortunately, first impressions are not especially favorable. The fact that this is referred to as ‘The Future of Bingo’ indicates that the future was imagined – at least artistically – somewhere in the late 1990s or early 2000s. However, the website does not appear to be particularly appealing; there is a cheap feel to the layout and appearance; for example, the box out with the quote we used at the outset of this review even contains text that has been blocked out, which hasn’t really been a design decision that anyone has actively chosen to make for many years (and even when it was, it was an admission of uninspired designers that have never really learnt the basics of making things look decent).

Design Mistakes That Were Made

This bad selection is carried over to other sections of the webpage. The ugly typeface – which seems to be default typography from a software such as Word or Pages – isn’t very thoughtful and exudes “Copied and Pasted” sentiment, regardless of whether they have blacked out content. Nonetheless, there is a plethora of information provided on the landing page for the website as a whole, which is far more than many rivals have seen fit to supply, and we can be grateful for that at the very least.

The branding and logo, which is larger than the logos of many other websites, take up much of the space at the top of the page. An advertisement for the £25 sign up bonus is located below this. This offer is worth 250 percent of your first deposit, up to a maximum bonus of £100, and is active until the end of the month. There are numerous additional box outs scattered across the website, one of which is the Bingo Schedule, which only had two games available for play on the day we reviewed the site — hardly the most extensive selection we’ve seen.

You’ve come to play games.

If you choose the ‘Games’ option from the top menu row on the home page, you will be sent to a section of the site that is solely devoted to the games available. One of them is the Bingo option, which is the first on the list. 90-Ball, 75-Ball, and High 5 bingo games are all available to play, and they represent the most popular variations of the game. However, there may be additional options available. In fact, strike that; there might undoubtedly be more, and as a result, Nova Bingo is clearly missing out, or rather, losing out, when compared to its competition, and as a result,

On the next page, you will find the Coverall Jackpots, which are shown in a table that utilizes symbols to signify the details of what you may win on various games, at different times of the week, and on different days of the year. A key is supplied so that you may cross-reference your work, although we believe that it is a bit unclear and should be better organized.

Optional Extras

Another alternative is to play for Progressive Jackpots, and once again, the rules are a bit more convoluted than they actually need be. Progressiv jackpots are always popular since they function in the same manner as an accumulator, with the total jackpot amount growing with the number of times the game is played. Because of the way they are scheduled—they run on various days at different times of day—easy it’s to become tangled up in the jumble of information.

Another choice is to play featured games, which seem to consist only of slot machines at this time. The fact that they are not labeled more clearly is unfortunate, as some individuals may be under the mistaken notion that there are no slot games available when in fact there are a number of them available. The variety isn’t the best or most complete, but it’s good enough to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the bingo to start. Perhaps some casino games should have been featured as well, as we have seen on other websites, but having no casino games is certainly preferable than having just a handful, which seems to be a clumsy and minimalist attempt at web design.

Assistance was required, and it was (partially) provided.

The makers of Nova Bingo have taken several precautions to guarantee that you don’t enter the games with your eyes wide open while playing them.

After choosing How To Play from the Games menu, you will be presented with a series of text and visual walkthroughs that will help you master the numerous kinds of games and various methods to interact with the material of this website. Adding some movement animation to them, however, would have made them a little more user-friendly. This is not as difficult or costly as some may believe, and it would have assured that the information didn’t seem quite as difficult to absorb as it does in its present form.

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